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By education I am a Physicist (BAppSci, Physics, QIT) and an Information Scientist (MsInfSc, UNSW) and a Teacher (Grad Dip Ed, UC). I also once started a PhD in Humanities Computing which has long gone by the wayside.
In previous professional lives I have been a lab technician using an automated x-ray diffraction lab at the ANU, a Macintosh computer consultant working in a university college (ADFA, UNSW), a systems engineer at UC, a research developer for text-based tools for working with scholarly editions of literature and a high school science teacher. 
Hopefully I will not have to resort back to these endeavours because I always wanted to be ... a LUMBERJACK.
Well may be not. Perhaps a full-time writer. At least my own boss. At the moment I am trying to be an editor (I specialised in continuity editing) and a writer and selling second-hand books online.
Interested in how I came to do professional continuity editing. It's all due to Russell Kirkpatrick, a New Zealand fantasy author published by HarperCollins, Australia. He made a comment on the Voyager, Purple Zone about how it was good for readers who found mistakes in books to report them to the authors so that they could be corrected in future editions. Having just started "Across the Face of the World", the first book in this first trilogy, I took him at his word and started up email correspondence. Three books and 32,000 words of email correspondence later he asked me whether I would do it for him professionally and I have been extensively involved in continuity editing his second trilogy. It is something I apparently have a talent for as I am also a volunteer at the ACT Writers Centre where I am the resident proofreader.
Recently I have also become involved in the production of books and newsletters. I have developed eBooks of the recent anthologies of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild of which I am a committee member. I also do the desktop layout of the newsletter of the Canberra branch of the University of the 3rd Age.
With regard to my own writing efforts: as of July 2013 I have two published books to my name. One is a self-published slipstream/fantasy novel called 'Transgressions', while the other is an urban fantasy novel called 'The Changeling Detective' (Hotspur Publishing). Details of these books can be found through the 'Fiction' link in the side bar.
Well that's enough of me for now. If you are interested in finding more about these things click on the appropriate links in the navigation list to the the left.

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