I'm a writer. Here are some free samples of my work.

Serialised Fiction:

     Engelian Adventures: Transformations (a 3,4 maybe 5 part serialised fantasy series)

            Book 1: Transgressions - complete.

            Book 2: Transitions — serialisation started 6-4-2010 and updated weekly.

Short Fiction:

      You Can Never Go Home.pdf - where a wizard learns that home is where the heart is (<1,000 words).

      A Dark Transmutation.pdf - there's more fact than you might think in this one (~1,650 words).

      Special Powers Or Training.pdf - Superhero fiction (Incomplete ~1,000 words)

      Technology Breaking Down.pdf - a semi-autobiographical piece for FB group 'Scriptable Superheroes'

Longer Fiction:

      The Changeling Detective (an urban fantasy novella ~52,000 words)

If you like what you've read and would like to contribute to my efforts you can do so by:

a) giving my stories to your friends;

  1. b)commenting or pointing out errors you see in my work;

  2. c)donating what you think my story is worth through paypal;


d) having a look at my Ebay store (Second-hand Books and Comics)

   10% Discount off your purchase if you leave a comment.

Thank you for your support.

If you'd like to find out more about my endeavours: including my online shops (I sell second-hand speculative fiction books); Continuity Editing and other activities. Please click here.

If you would like to see some more free fiction click on some of the links below:

      The Stories of Milton Davis — Sword & Soul Fiction.

      The Stories and Artwork of Andrew J McKiernan — Horror oriented.

      The Stories of Patty Jansen — Fantasy & Science Fiction.

If you're a writer and think this idea has merit then contact me to find out more and so we can link to each other's sites.

Phill Berrie, last updated 12-1-2011.