These are the collected mission reports of my father, Maitland George Berrie that he compiled late in his life from memory and with the aid of military records from the Australian War Memorial.

In the latter part of the war my father belonged to the Far Eastern Liaison Office. This was a combat propaganda unit attached to the Australian military forces whose job it was to go in behind enemy lines to  try to persuade the locals not to cooperate with the Japanese and to gather intelligence from the natives to assist the allies in the retaking of Japanese held regions.

    F.E.L.O. — Dutch New Guinea: Party “O”

        more to come ...

Personal Note: I do not wish to glorify war, but as a son, writer and Information Scientist I feel it my duty to transcribe these documents into the digital realm and make them available for any and all who wish to use them. Comments and suggestions are welcome; this is definitely a long term project which I will be adding to as I get the time and resources.

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