George L. Berrie, the Bibliography

George L. Berrie was the great uncle of Phillip Berrie (the creator of this site). He is included here because he was also a writer and during his lifetime wrote and had published three books. This page details those three books and a reprinted edition produced after copyright lapsed on one of the books. The images of the three books shown on this page are from the library of Phillip Berrie. Page down to find out more.

Written in 1919 this book is a factual account of the wartime activities of the Australian 6th Light Horse Regiment.

Written in 1934 this book is an Australian pastoral romance.

Written in 1949 this book is a fictional story about men serving in the the 6th Australian Light Horse Regiment.

Republished in 2005 by Leonaur in the Warfare Fiction Series (I currently do not own a copy of this book).

Last Updated: 22-2-2007