This is a collection of articles I wrote for the ‘A Boy Goes On A Journey’ website; the dates listed are the dates the original articles appeared on that site. The articles are based mainly on things I have seen wrong in my continuity editing, but also include articles based on my educational and professional experience. I hope you find them useful.

  Distance to the Horizon - 23/6/2008

  A Full Moon Always Rises - 30/6/2008

  Tidal Locking - 8/7/2008

  Geosynchronous Orbits I: Geostationary - 15/7/2008

  Geosynchronous Orbits II: Communications Satellites - 21/7/2008

  The Digital Dark Age - 28/7/2008

  The Digital Dark Age II: Unicode - 5/8/2008

  The Digital Dark Age III: Preservation - 11/8/2008

  The Digital Dark Age IV: the Internet - 19/8/2008

  The Digital Dark Age V: the Spiders - 27/8/2008

  Planets with Multiple Moons - 3/9/2008

  Planets with Multiple Moons II: Starting with One - 11/9/2008

  Planets with Multiple Moons III: Io and Europa - 18/9/2008

  Planets with Multiple Moons IV: Worlds in Collision - 26/9/2008

  The Atmosphere: All we need is the air that we breathe ... - 17/10/2008

  The Atmosphere: The tolerances of our survival - 24/10/2008

  The Atmosphere: Mr Spock. Are our shields up? - 29/10/2008

  Gold: The Basics - 14/11/2008

  Gold: The Speculative - 2/12/2008

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