I'm a writer (not a web page designer) so bear with me. Here are some free samples of my work.

      Reality Bit(e)s - The Distance to the Horizon (approximately 550 words, math content).

      Reality Bit(e)s - A Full Moon Always Rises (approximately 550 words).

      Reality Bit(e)s - The Earth Never Sets on the Sea of Tranquility (approximately 575 words).

      Reality Bit(e)s - Geosynchronous Orbits (approximately 900 words).

If you like what you've read and would like to contribute to my efforts you can do so by:

      a) giving my stories to your friends;

      b) pointing out errors you see in my work;


      c) donating what you think my story is worth through paypal.

Thank you for your support.

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      The Reality Bit(e)s articles of Phillip Berrie.

If you're a writer and think this idea has merit then contact me to find out more and so we can link to each other's sites.

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